Paediatrics 2020 provides a vibrant platform for sharing knowledge among the Pediatrician’s, Gynaecologists and Obstetrics focusing on the New Research and Treatments. The workshops are designed for academia and industrial benefits who want to have updated knowledge on management and treatment techniques. The Conference gathers expert surgeons in the world to share their experience and guide participants to explore advanced surgical techniques.

The Paediatrics 2020 invites abstracts related to the new scientific research in all the fields of OBSTETRICS, GYNECOLOGYPAEDIATRICS and its related aspects. Registrants are invited to submit an abstract for consideration for oral and poster presentation. In general we encourage more specific to the current research fields representing innovation and recent technologies. Abstracts received will be reviewed by scientific committee from aspirants and categorized as speaker talks and poster presentations.

Scientific Sessions:


• Pediatrics

• Gynecology and Obstetrics

• Pediatric Health Care and Nutrition
• Paediatric Dentistry
• Pediatric Nephrology
• Paediatric Neurology
• Pediatric Oncology
• Pediatric Ophthalmology
• Pediatric Critical Care
• Pediatric Gastroenterology
• Pediatric Pulmonology
• Labor and Delivery
• Fertility and reproduction
• Clinical Ultrasound
• Female Pelvic Medicine and Reconstructive Surgery
• Endometriosis and Uterine Disorders
• Maternal–fetal medicine
• Advanced Treatments and Therapeutics


Target Audience:


• Paediatricians
• Gynaecologists
• Obstetricians
• Clinical Nurses
• Gynecology Surgeons
• Women’s health Care Researchers
• Pediatric Nurses
• Pediatric Physicians
• Pediatric Health Care Associates
• Pediatric Specialists
• Training Institutes
• Medical Colleges
• Pediatric Hepatologist
• Infertility Specialists
• Gynaecological Pathologists
• Embryologists
• Pediatric Gastroenterology, Hepotology, Nutrition Faculty
• Nurses specializing in paediatric gastroenterology
• Business Entrepreneurs
• Manufacturing Medical Devices Companies

Larix International

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Our aim is to empower our delegates with up-to-date information for future growth and development within their respective industries. We intend to achieve this objective with our tailor-made and industry-driven values. With the accountability of service, uniqueness, and dependability,we seek to provide a highly enthusiastic ambiance for exploring and unveiling the Research, Business and Edu-tech oriented skills to our global attendees.

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